Jeremy Li

Bio: My name is Jeremy Li and I am a junior journalism student at Ithaca College. I am a Chinese native, and I have native proficiency in both Mandarin and Cantonese. Coming from the other side of world to live and study in a foreign and unfamiliar environment helped me to gain a better degree of independence and adaptability. My professional interests include news about aviation, foreign languages, independent media coverage, religious news and stories about civil activism and censorship. (especially in China) I want to do journalism because I know if journalism is done with a cause for social justice and public service in mind, and all the journalistic values fully upheld, it can be the most powerful tool of exposing injustice and the pain prevail in this world. In order to prepare myself for a demanding job market, I have been a reporter for the Ithacan for three semesters. And I have attended workshop and interned briefly at “World Magazine”, which is a conservative Christian magazine in North Carolina. I am also interested in learning and utilizing the emergence of technology/computer science and journalism and I am currently working on my Arabic in order to open up career opportunities in the Middle East.

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